Let me introduce myself. I grew up in the one of the largest Antique businesses in Western Canada, spending over 15 years buying and selling antiques that came from England, Europe, America and Canada and importing to Vancouver, British Columbia.

I have been restoring antiques for almost 30 years now and still love the transformation of a piece of furniture back to a functional, practicable, and loved piece of furniture.

I love the challenge of bringing even the most perished remnants of furniture found in the sheds of farms to the garages and back rooms of houses, and bringing these heirlooms back to life. I also repair hundreds of modern pieces of furniture that are damaged in transit or are just worn from general use, you will find that it is much more affordable to refinish tops and touchup and repair household items than buying replacement furniture.

I have set out a selection of photos in my gallery to show you what can be done with some of the items that may be in your home. Items in the photo gallerys are not items for sale. See the comments that I have attached to some of the photos to give you an idea what can be done with your old pieces of furniture and how some items can be altered into more useful pieces of furniture for your home.

I also specialize in altering smaller dining tables into larger extension tables for up to 12 people and I also specialize in saving old veneered singer sewing machines. I like the challenges of a hard restoration so don’t think a piece is not worth restoring until I tell you it’s not worth restoring. Of course I repair hundreds of chairs in whatever shattered condition they may be, and have guarantees on all my work.

I also have a small showroom of furniture that I sell restored, or as is, as a project piece.

Please feel free to contact me and send photos of your piece of furniture for a quotation.