Welcome to Clarelle Furniture Restorations

Thanks for visiting our site – it’s a work in progress – so bare with me while I get it up to scratch. You have permission to email me if you see something misspelled or dosn’t quite sound right and I will make the correction.

There is lots of categories to look through to give you ideas of what I can do and perhaps show you what can be done to some of the items around your home – Most of  photos are of antiques and some of the custom pieces I’ve done over the years – but it doesn’t show any of the hundreds of touch ups and refinishing of sections of furniture - new and second hand, that comes to my shop every year – I can save you a fortune in costs by repairing and enhancing your furniture rather than replacing it. You can always consider changing the color of a piece of furniture so it feels more contemporary.

I have antiques for sale at my shop as well – many are brought in from around the country and are in a  ’ to be restored’  state, and others in  ‘good original condition’  - these will be posted on the site as soon as we can.

Give us a call with any questions you might have or email some photos of your pieces for quotations – I will be glad to help,

Thanks clay 0409 568 500

Our Latest Work

maple piano Bench 7